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Deck Refinishing

Posted September 13, 2019

One of our specialities is TimberCare which includes preparing, staining, oiling and varnishing of Timber doors, windows, siding, decks, etc.  Everyone seems to agree that Timber is attractive Architectural feature of any home if properly maintained. The project below involved:

  • Complete removal of previous coating on both the front and rear decks as well as stair treads
  • Complete Removal of failing coating on Handrails
  • Sanding of posts and Siding to assist adhesion
  • Punching exposed nails further down
  • Washing, treating for mould and applying a deck cleaning solution to remove residual timber oils and stains
  • Applying a water-based oil to all timber surfaces

Before we got to that great finished state, we started out with the deck looking the picture below:

We had to sand the deck and then properly wash it as well as demonstrated in the next set of photos.

McAuliffe Painting suggests that decks should be oiled(water-based) as opposed to putting a coating on that creates a film.  A film-forming coating was what was used previously on this deck so it was peeling and failing which meant a total strip was necessary. Decks usually are worn down through foot traffic and weathering. By oiling decks instead of a film forming product (similar to clear coat) deck weathers naturally and can be maintained by just washing and re-oiling the affected areas. By using a water-based oil, maintenance is much easier as it dries quicker and generally lasts longer.