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Commercial Painting Services

Specialised Commercial
Painting Services

At McAuliffe Painting, we offer a range of specialised commercial painting services, all of which are designed to meet the precise needs of our customers. No matter the size of the job, our team can complete it. We have operated for over 20 years within the painting industry and as a result, have worked on a vast range of commercial painting jobs.

These jobs include anything from factories and units, to small businesses and warehouses. We understand that within commercial painting, it is crucial to treat each and every job on an individual basis. We work directly with businesses to completely understand their needs and preferences, allowing us to specialise our work and provide them with the best job possible.

Commercial Painting Small Projects

We offer a range of services for smaller commercial painting projects. Such projects could include a single room within an office block, a smaller unit complex or the painting of a small business shopfront. We provide all of our clients with a range of high-quality paint jobs, which helps their small commercial buildings stand out from others within the industry. This allows them to attract more customers, as well as make a fantastic first impression. 

Large Commercial Painting Projects

Our Commercial Painting Services also cover medium to large sized paint jobs. These can include anything from painting a factory or warehouse, to an office block or hospital. We use a wide range of paints to provide you with the precise colour and quality of paint you wish to use. Once you have chosen a paint, our team will work quickly and efficiently to complete the work as quickly as possible, while providing you with an expert finish that appeals to both staff and clients alike.

Commercial Repainting and Maintenance Service

Has the paint within your property begun to wear off and lose its overall quality? If so then our repainting and maintenance services may be for you.  We understand that the quality of paint deteriorates over time and as a result we have designed a range of services to suit. We offer services to repaint any building or commercial property that has become damaged or worn down over its years of use. This allows you to keep your property in top condition and looking its best at all times.

Commercial Paint Removal Service

Do you want your current paint job removed to change the colour? Or has the quality of your paint become damaged over time? If so, we offer a range of paint removal services to professionally remove any paint within your commercial property. We make use of specialised equipment to effectively remove the paint, without damaging any of your property during the removal process.

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