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Complete Restoration of Shaftson House

Complete Restoration of Shaftson House, Brisbane:

Painting & Restoration - Shafton House

Shafston House, Is A Heritage-Listed Villa At Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia. It Was Designed By Robin Dods And Built From 1851 To 1930s. It Is Also Known As Anzac Hostel, Ravenscott, And Shafston International College. It Was Added To The Queensland Heritage Register On 7 February 2005. Shafton House Restoration was performed by McAuliffe Painting very successfully recently.

Shafston House comprises a group of buildings constructed between 1851 and the 1930s, set in substantial grounds with frontage to the Brisbane River. The main house was constructed in several stages between 1851 and 1904.

When Shaftson House was added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 2005 the motivation stated:

With its stone cellars, attic rooms, detached brick service block, terraced grounds and river frontage, its decorative detailing and demarcation between public and private spaces and between “family” and “servant” areas, Shafston House is important in demonstrating in its form, materials, design, layout, size and detailing the principal characteristics of its class: an evolving, substantial, mid-19th century middle-class riverine house. Since 1851 the house has retained its original siting in an estate overlooking the river, a river frontage and the visual link between the house and the river.
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The Project

It’s something very special about working on such an old, unique and beautiful building. We were very grateful for the opportunity to restore this spectacular building. McAuliffe Painting completed the restoration of Shafston House including the restoration of Shafston College  in January 2016.

The project included:
  • Complete Interior and Exterior Painting/Staining
  • Complete Removal of Existing Exterior paint coatings and Repaint
  • Interior Repainting

The Painting of the outside was challenging with many fine details. Thanks to great preparation, high quality products and experienced painters we managed to achieve great results. During the painting of Shafston house we were responsible for the protection of the heritage furniture, historic paintings and original chandeliers. This is something we take very seriously on all our jobs, always making sure we don’t leave anything behind but freshly painted walls and lasting results!

Enclosed are a few pictures of the Shaftson House Restoration Project

Restoration of Shaftson House Gallery

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