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Residential Painting

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At McAuliffe Painting, we provide a range of specialised residential painting service, all of which can be uniquely tailored to the features of your home. We understand the importance of your home within your life. It’s a place where you find sanctuary after a long day at the office, as well as a place where you feel comfortable and relax.

As a result, it is crucial that the painting within your home makes you feel happy and at your best as often as possible. Our services cover a range of paint jobs, all of which can be used to uniquely customise and design your home.

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Our Residential Painting Services

We understand your home is your treasure and when working with you, we will treat it as if it were our own. Our team will work around your schedule, working at hours that best suit you and your lifestyle. We understand that more often than not, you may not be available when we have the availability to paint. As a result, we offer the service to complete our painting job while you are away from your property. Our team will work efficiently throughout the day, completing the job you have asked for as quickly as possible, maintaining a high-quality paint throughout. We offer a range of services, from painting a single wall within a room, to painting the whole house itself. No matter the size of your home, or colours you would like us to use, our team will provide you with an expert job that exceeds any expectations that you may have.

Interior Painting - Residential

Our interior painting services cover the entire interior of your home. Whether you need a single wall painted, a whole room, or multiple rooms within your house painted, our team can provide you with expert advice and a high-quality paint. We will begin our work with an initial consultation, discussing what kind of work you would like completed within your home. Once we understand your preferences, we will provide you with a budget and timeframe in which we will complete this work within. Once agreed upon, our expert team will begin the work for you, based around your personal lifestyle and the preferences that you have agreed with us. Should you have any questions throughout this process, ask a member of our team ad they will be able to help. Once we are finished, we will leave your house how we found it, ensuring that we have cleaned up any mess caused by the paintwork. Along with this, you will have a fantastic newly painted interior based around you and your lifestyle!

Exterior Painting - Residential

Our exterior painting services cover the painting of your house from the outside. We offer a range of exterior painting services in terms of both the colour of paint, as well as the type of paints we use for the work. We will base the paint we use based on your preferences, only using the highest quality paints to provide you with an expert paint job, allowing your home to stand out from others within your area.

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