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Find your roof ugly and worn out?
Do you want to change the colour of your roof?
Do you worry about a leaking roof from a heavy storm?

Maybe there’s mould and algae covering your roof tiles or your Colorbond roof is starting to flake after many years…

Whether you’ve just moved to a new property and hate the existing colour, or your current home’s roof is starting to look old and tired — our team at McAuliffe Painting can provide you with every roof painting service.

For 20+ years, McAuliffe Painting has been helping Brisbane property owners just like you solve their roof painting needs.

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Types Of Roofs We Paint


Signs your Colorbond roof needs repainting:

Paint is flaking or peeling off

Chalky appearance and texture

Colour fading and becoming uneven

Stains are ruining the look of your roof

Paint is bubbling and lifting off the surface

Concrete Tiles

Signs your tile roof needs repainting:

Colour has become dull with time

Algae and moss has started growing

They have become weaker or cracked

5+ years have passed since the last paint

You notice a grey and white discolouration

We’re happy for you to get in touch with our experts for some extra advice

Benefits of Roof Painting

Decrease energy bills using natural cooling from Dulux® heat reflective paint

Increase your home’s value with a roof that looks brand new

Save money by protecting your roof and minimising repairs

Reduce mildew on your roof and prevent damage before it occurs

Prolong the lifespan of your roof instead of replacements

Keep your home cooler during hot Australian summers

Roof Painting Colours

Signs your Colorbond roof needs repainting:

At McAuliffe Painting, we offer the entire range of Colorbond colours and Dulux colours.
This means we are able to accurately match your existing roof colour or mix an entirely unique colour to suit your tastes. Basically, any colour you can imagine, we can create it.

Roof Painting Cost

The cost of your Brisbane roof painting service varies according to several factors. Basically, the more difficult it is to access and paint your roof — the more expensive it will be.

Roof Slope
If you have a roof with a moderate slope, this will make it easier to walk across and paint. However, if you have a complicated roof with extreme slopes at different angles, this will increase the cost.

Once your roof painter inspects your roof, other problems may be found that will require attention. For example, broken tiles, loose repointing may be found on your roof that could be causing leaks in your home and damaging the structural integrity of your property

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