High-Rise / Tall Building Painting in Brisbane

Painter abseiling down high rise from roof | McAuliffe Painting

High-Rise Painting Services

McAuliffe Painting has the equipment and training to handle any tall and high-rise building painting projects across the Brisbane Region. Our skilled team uses rope access equipment to provide a cost-effective service and high-quality paint finish without compromising on the safety of your tenants or our team.

High-Rise Building Painting with McAuliffe Painting

Painting high-rise buildings is a job that can only be handled by professionals with the tools and equipment to work over large surface areas and at great heights. McAuliffe Painting is certified rope access specialists with experience painting some of Brisbane’s largest buildings, and we also utilise a range of scaffolding and other equipment to help us reach every part of your property. This combination of access and our variety of painting systems means we can deliver cost-effective high-rise painting, completing jobs to the highest standards with less investment of time and labour.

Painter abseiling down apartment building | McAuliffe Painting

Rope Access Painting

Rope access systems allow our team more efficient access to paint high rise buildings and hard to reach places. Rope access means we can complete jobs faster to provide a cost-effective, high-quality finish.

High rise apartment building | McAuliffe Painting

Weather Resistant Coating Systems

Withstanding the harsh Australian weather is no mean feat. We can specify and supply a range of weather-resistant coatings and paints for buildings of any size, no matter the conditions they will face.

Apartment building | McAuliffe Painting

Maintenance Painting

Keeping up the appearance of your building is important. Maintenance Painting not only prolongs the lifespan of the coatings on a building, but it can also reduce the expense when repainting does become necessary.

Painters abseiling down apartment building balconies | McAuliffe Painting

Balcony Painting

High-rise balconies form a façade that can be seen even from the ground. We paint all balconies, balcony ceilings and balustrading to refresh your building’s look, improve its value and provide striking design features.

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